Exploring the World of Agricultural Work: From Farming to Harvesting

Creating a crossword puzzle with the theme “Agricultural Work”:

    A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H     I
1|                 C
2|  F     A     R     M                 P     L     O
3|                                     L                 U     D     T
4|                 C     R     O     P
5|                 E                                      T     R     A
6|     H                                       G           R
7|  P     L     O     W     I     N     G                 I
8|                             O     X     E     N     T
9|                 H     A     R     V     E     S     T
10|               G                                      U     E
11|                                           L                 R     A
12|     P                             E                 U     R     E


  1. Farm __
  2. Planting and __ crops
  3. To harvest crops
  4. Large farm area
  5. Tools used for digging and turning soil
  6. To cultivate the land
  7. Season of gathering crops
  8. Oxen were used for __ on farms
  9. Gathering crops at the end of the growing season
  10. Tilling the land with a tractor
  11. Another word for “pure” used to describe food products
  12. Equestrian sport or work on a farm

Please note that crossword layouts may vary, and clues can be adjusted for difficulty or precision. Enjoy solving the agricultural work-themed crossword puzzle!

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